Free distribution

You may freely copy and distribute this book in its digital editions, provided that you don’t alter it, don’t pass it off as yours and don’t print it for sale without my written permission; the details are in the Copyright notice section. I didn’t write Moon Hoax: Debunked! to become rich and famous, but to allow as many people as possible to get the facts they need to counter the arguments of conspiracy theorists. Just don’t mess with my rights.

However, writing a technical book takes time and hard work; buying manuals, DVDs and documents takes money. So if you like what you read and you feel like lending me a hand on this project, you’re welcome to:

  • point out errors or unclear language and help me with research by writing to,
  • buy me space reference books from my wish list,
  • donate the equivalent of a genuine Italian pizza and a good beer via my Paypal account as an incentive for me to keep on writing.