3.15 An impossible feat

In summary, here’s the best evidence that the Moon missions were authentic:

  • vast amounts of publicly available documentation, which can be cross-checked and has been validated by experts from all over the world for decades
  • highly complex and perfectly realistic radio and television signals
  • not a single confession or leak over decades
  • no objections by the rival Soviet regime
  • direct reception of voice communications from the Moon by professional and amateur radio astronomers
  • no objections by any expert in spaceflight, astronomy, astrophysics, radio communications or any other relevant field
  • carefully selected Moon rocks returned to Earth
  • reflectors placed on the Moon, which can be checked even today
  • recent photographs of the Apollo vehicles and instruments left on the Moon, which are consistent with the decades-old NASA documents of the lunar missions
  • pictures that could only be taken in the presence of an astronaut on the Moon and have been confirmed independently by non-US space missions
  • dust that behaves in the Apollo footage in a way that is possible only in a vacuum
  • astronauts walking in a way that is possible only in one-sixth gravity.

In view of all these facts, the inescapable conclusion is that the Moon hoax theorists are right about the Moon landings in one respect: it’s true, as they often say, that the technology of the 1960s was not up to the challenge.

The challenge of faking them.