Chapter 3. The best evidence of the Moon landings

Moon hoax supporters claim to have countless items of evidence to back their views. In a face-to-face discussion it’s often impossible to debate and debunk each item, as the second part of this book will do. However, there’s another, more feasible approach: provide the clearest evidence of the fact that we did go to the Moon.

If we have simple, clear, bulletproof evidence that we actually landed on the Moon in 1969 and went back five more times, then all the conspiracy theorists’ objections and items of alleged “evidence” must be wrong. End of story. Exactly why they’re wrong is another question, which has a very revealing answer, but at least we can start on a very firm footing.

So is there any such clear, hard evidence of the Moon landings that can be understood by a non-expert? It might seem difficult to prove something that took place over so many decades ago, on another world 400,000 kilometers (250,000 miles) away, since we can’t go there and check – not yet, anyway – and most of the evidence comes from a single source, i.e., NASA, which clearly might have some interest in self-promotion.

But the answer is yes: there is hard, independent evidence of the Moon landings. However, it’s not the kind of evidence you might expect and it provides a great opportunity to become better acquainted with many fascinating aspects of space exploration.